Vacation Photos: Last Weekend in Brisbane

While I’m glad to be back in Singapore (I miss V when I travel alone), I’m sad to leave the good friends I made in Brisbane. Over the weekend, Swathi and Upinder took me and Reshma to Byron Bay, Wellington Point, and the Steve Irwin zoo. We all had a fun, memorable time! Brisbane, we’ll be back!


Sights of Brisbane

Queen Street Mall, Brisbane’s main shopping district

Mr. Bean and his bear toy, sighted on Queen Street

The view of Brisbane’s skyline from the Victoria bridge, one of the many bridges of Brisbane

The view of Brisbane’s skyline from the South Bank

Brisbane’s ferris wheel, much smaller than Singapore’s Flyer in case you’re wondering

Walking in Brisbane

I’m in Brisbane for two weeks for work and I can’t be more thankful that winter is mild here. On a sunny day, the temperature hovers around 18 – 20 degrees, perfect for walking around and exploring the city.

The picture below was taken from┬áBrisbane’s┬áSouth Bank. Isn’t it wonderful that there was no cloud in the sky at all? It was blue as far as the eyes could see.