Last weekend, a friend of mine Shane invited me and V to join him and his girlfriend Lily crabbing in Mandurah. We had nothing planned for that weekend, so even thought we were fuzzy on what crabbing actually involved, we thought, why not? The drive to Mandurah took us about an hour from Perth, but we actually went about half an hour further south to the Peel-Harvey estuary. Shane then handed us each a rigid hand net and we set into the estuary and tread around the water looking for blue swimmer crabs.

thigh-deep in water, looking for crabs

V catching a crab

Look at V and his catch! And the sky! You don’t get sky that clear and blue in Singapore.

We spent 2 hours and caught about 20 crabs. You would think that’s a lot of crabs, but Shane and Lily said it was actually a slow day. The last time they went down there, they caught 30 crabs within one and a half hour! Oh well, maybe the crabs heard we were coming and swam for their lives. 

The whole experience was fascinating, if only for the fact that I’ve never really caught any of my food myself. Too bad V is allergic to crustaceans, otherwise we’d have ended the day with a delicious plate of chilli crabs!

with Shane and Lily