I Am A Female Wizard!

My name is Edwina and I am a gamer.

There, I said it. I am proud to be one! I have been playing since I was in 3rd grade or thereabout and my parents got my sister a Nintendo for a birthday present. Our first games were the legendary Mario Bros (which we couldn’t finish, damn the fire-spitting dragons and helpless princess!) and Duck Hunt. We got bored fast and bought more games, but the ones worth mentioning are Double Dragons, Super Contra, and The Chipmunks!

A few years later, we got our first PC and welcomed games like Prehistoric, Uncharted Waters, and Flashback. They would occupy us for hours, often into the wee hours of the night. In the weekends, my sister and I would wake up early just so we could hog the computer!

Then Sony Playstation came along and life was glorious. More magical worlds of RPGs unfolded: Xenogears, Breath of Fire, Valkyrie Chronicle, Final Fantasy! And my baby sister discovered one of her many talents in the fact that she could pretty much slaughter anyone in Fatal Fury, Crash Bandicoot, and Chocobo Racing. She is a very sweet girl, but with the controller, she was bloodthirsty, merciless, and f***ing frustating to play with!

Don’t believe me? Go ask our cousin who, after leading the Chocobo race for a few laps straight and expecting a victory, suddenly met a ball of Firaga (that’s the highest level of fire magic to you, non Final Fantasy fans) my sister saved for that perfect moment. It knocked him out, and all 5 other racers jolly passed him by while he kissed the ground. He finished last.

I believe he took a while to process this outcome. My sister’s maniacal laughter must have sounded like it came from afar, his eyes must have glazed over, his past achievements must have deserted him and left him numb, questioning his reason for living.

Guess what game this entry is going to be about?

Diablo III, of course! It’s the most highly-anticipated, talked-about game of the decade! Released after 12 years of what must be a very slow, careful, and deliberate development!

I must admit, I was not a Diablo fan before. I saw my cousin play the first Diablo and concluded it too dark and depressing for my liking. Then Diablo II was released and the graphics were better, so after my cousin’s constant nagging, I played it for a few days. Still a tad dark and depressing. I guess I’ve never been drawn to the genre of games which involves the ghouls/zombies/undead and scary, dim-lit universe. Give me elves, dwarves, wizards, and pretty boys with perfect hair wielding unbelievably huge gunblades anytime!

But Diablo III was so long awaited for, it really has been a while since I played computer games, and V got it via digital download recently, so I got to pay for free on his laptop. I had to give it a try, right?

I didn’t want to play with the same hero class V picked (demon hunter, which admittedly looks the coolest with the glowing eyes and dark, ninja-like clothing), so I went for the female wizard. She’s brilliant, headstrong, rebellious, and so sure of herself, I can’t help but like her. This is how she looks like now, at level 17. Ain’t she a beauty?

OK, based on her character profile, she’s supposed to wear flowier, more feminine attires, but I decked her with armor because she’s fragile physically and I often forget that as a wizard, she’s best attacking from afar.

I will have to write another entry concluding whether I like the game after all, once I finish it, because it’s still too early to tell. I’m hopeful though. Still not over the roof over the “hell is descending on earth” concept in general, but I’m getting less spooked out the more I play.