My Perth Apartment

Aside from the fact that the apartment is facing a busy intersection in the middle of the city, so I’m up by 5 am every day listening to the sound of traffic, I’m in love with my new apartment. It’s simple, clean, spacious, and perfect for two.

Snaps of the apartment


We’ve Moved!

After 7 good years of living in Jurong East, we moved to a new place in Woodleigh last week! 7 years is a long time and although we knew months before that the move was coming, we still weren’t prepared when it was time to pack all our belongings and leave. I’m not as sentimental as most people, and I have gone through a number of moves in the past without looking back, but this was different because Mayfair was more than just a place I lived in. I lived there with V and my sisters, people I love and care about the most, and together we had made it our home away from home. We had so many nice memories tied to the place.

In comparison, Woodleigh is a less developed area. Many developments are just starting around here and the number of residents in the neighborhood is yet to grow. Our new home is a 3-bedroom penthouse unit on the top floor of a new condominium with big windows letting generous amount of light in, balconies extending through all of the rooms, and a great view. I imagine it wouldn’t take long before we truly settle into the new environment and routine, but we have a lot of work still to furnish and transform the place into a cozy and beautiful living space. I guess that’s part of the fun.

I’ll post photos once things start coming together, i.e. all boxes are unpacked and the place looks less like a shipwreck. In the meantime, we’re trying to put the knowledge we’ve surely gained from watching all those home decorating shows to good use!