Al&Alicia’s National Day Sale

If I had more money than I’d ever need, I would buy whole collections from Al&Alicia (yes, I think they are THAT GOOD), but I don’t and they are really quite expensive, so I usually keep a few favorite pieces on my wish list and wait until they have a sale. Recently, to celebrate Singapore’s 48th year of independence, Al&Alicia put 48 selected items on sale at USD 48 each! Some of these items were originally retailing at more than USD 100, so this was a a significant markdown! I immediately went online, and thanks to the magic of online shopping, bought these 4 items which amazingly were available on my size. They were delivered today, what a perfect way to start the weekend!

Al&Alicia haul


There Goes My Cardio

It’s only been three weeks, but Perth has proven to be a bit of a letdown when it comes to conventional shopping. There’s not enough variety, and prices are too high. In the modern world, though, there is always online shopping. I recently bought a pair of Hush Puppies flat sandals and a pair of Ugg suede loafers. Even with shipping, they end up cheaper than what I would pay shopping in the stores.

recent shoe purchase

Online Shopping: Glammies Big Head

I got these pair of beige suede leather shoes called Glammies Big Head (so named because they cater to women with wider food width, a.k.a. women like me) online from GlamRockChic a few months ago and then completely forgot to wear them out (this isn’t like me). I tried them on for the first time yesterday as we went out for lunch and did some shopping and they were as comfortable as they promised to be.

I love how this photo makes it seem like fall is descending upon us in Singapore even though there’s no such thing. But if there were, aren’t these shoes the perfect color?

Online Shopping: Tiny Purple Dangle Earrings from Petitor

I shared my first purchase from Petitor here and since then I’ve got myself another pair, the tiny purple dangle earrings you see in the picture. I highly recommend Petitor if you shop for jewelries online or are looking for the perfect gift for your girl friends. Their items are handmade, simple and pretty, gold plated (I know this for sure as I am allergic to earrings made of anything but gold), reasonably priced, and shipping is very affordable (if you live outside of the United States).

Online Shopping: Small Gold Teardop Earrings from Petitor

This is my first time shopping for jewelry online, and Petitor did not disappoint. Their items and shipping are reasonably priced, and I’m so happy with the earrings I ordered I ended up wearing them every day to work! I can only wear gold earrings, other metals give me rashes, and these ones, though only vermeil (gold over sterling silver) did not induce any negative reaction on my lobes. The design is so pretty and they are so small and light I barely notice I wear them.

As with a lot of other dangly earrings, these do not have stoppers though, so they can slip off when you take a bath or change clothes. And because you don’t feel them on, you tend not to notice too when they’re gone. I’ve dropped one of these a few times in the bathroom and once at work. Thankfully my colleague found it and knew it was mine. Small inconvenience that I do not mind too much. As of the time I write this entry, I’m already ordering two more earrings, one for a gift, and another one for myself.