The Pinnacles and A New Friend

Given the size of the state, most places in Western Australia worth visiting are, unfortunately, quite a drive away from Perth. The Pinnacles desert, for one, is a solid 2 hours’ drive north. We timed our arrival perfectly so we could catch the beautiful diffused light which you only get around sunrise or sunset, and the photos were worth the trip.

The other girl in the photos is Fransiska, an Indonesian veterinarian studying for her master’s degree at Murdoch University. Her boyfriend, V’s friend from university introduced her to us when he found out V was living in Perth. It’s not every day you meet a veterinarian friend, but when you do, you can almost be certain he or she is a lovely person. Tell me, what other type of person would you be when you care for sick or wounded animals?

me and V at the Pinnacles desert

me at the Pinnacles desert

a Pinnacle?

me at the Pinnacles desert

me and Siska at the Pinnacles desert

easily my favorite shot

me and Siska, perching on a pinnacle