Al&Alicia’s National Day Sale

If I had more money than I’d ever need, I would buy whole collections from Al&Alicia (yes, I think they are THAT GOOD), but I don’t and they are really quite expensive, so I usually keep a few favorite pieces on my wish list and wait until they have a sale. Recently, to celebrate Singapore’s 48th year of independence, Al&Alicia put 48 selected items on sale at USD 48 each! Some of these items were originally retailing at more than USD 100, so this was a a significant markdown! I immediately went online, and thanks to the magic of online shopping, bought these 4 items which amazingly were available on my size. They were delivered today, what a perfect way to start the weekend!

Al&Alicia haul


Perth Zoo

Considering that Perth Zoo is located very close to the city, it’s baffling that V and I didn’t get to take the ferry and go there until recently, and that was only because V wanted to give the new Canon EOS 6D a workout. Despite enjoying our walk around the zoo, we learned that animals are quite tricky to photograph, as one cannot ask them to pose, and this being the middle of winter, they were lazier than usual to get out of their cozy hiding places. V managed to get some nice shots, nevertheless, and I realized that no matter how good the zoo is, I am not an animal person at heart and after 3 continuous hours of looking at these confined creatures in the cold, windy Perth day, I couldn’t wait to go home to our warm apartment.

zoo animals 1

zoo animals 2

zoo animals 3

zoo animals 4

my outfit for the zoo

waiting for the ferry

Petite Cupcakes bib dress / Big W red beanie / Sportsgirl coat / ASOS patterned tights / Ecco boots / Sembonia leather bag

Winter Walk

in front of St. Andrew cathedral

cozy in my red coat

V in Stirling Garden

me in Stirling Garden

H&M striped tee / GG5 lace skirt / ASOS burgundy tights / Sportsgirl coat / Ecco boots / Sembonia leather bag

Considering that this is the first winter V and I go through together, we’re really lucky that the weather in the weekends has been so great! When the sun is out and the breeze is cool, walking about in the city of Perth is just glorious.

Turquoise Velvet Hat

turquoise hat

on the lobby couch

green and red

Esprit sweatshirt / Uniqlo skinny pants / Sportsgirl coat / Hush Puppies wedge sandals / Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag / Blue Illusion velvet hat

I hardly considered hats to be fashion accessories. I usually put one on for a practical reason, to protect against the sun, but when I found this cute turquoise hat in a shop called Blue Illusion, I couldn’t fight the impulse to buy it. Last weekend, I decided to wear it out with my new red coat. It makes for a playful combination, don’t you think?

It’s getting cold here in Perth, with temperatures below 15 degrees most days and below 10 at nights. I recently caught a flu too. Sometimes I can’t believe I survived the crazy winter in Bochum (it was -15 degrees when I arrived) and Boston (with its frequent snowstorms). Maybe my bones are getting old.

In other news, I’m signing myself and V up for a 12 km run in Perth’s City to Surf marathon at the end of August! I know some people join this kind of event regularly, but it is a huge deal for me who has only ever run 2.4 km at the longest! V and I are training for it, of course, starting this week. Would be interesting to see how we’ll fare. Wish us luck!

Lime Green Jeans

purple and green

Al & Alicia’s jersey tee / Uniqlo jeans / Ecco boots / Mango chain necklace / Rebecca Minkoff MAC Bag

One of my new year resolutions this year was to dress more colorfully, and I do try, but my natural instinct tends to gravitate towards subdued colors. When a colleague of mine came back from Singapore and gave me this pair of lime green pants from Uniqlo, I took the opportunity to exercise some color-blocking! Purple, black, green and grey. How do you know they look good together unless you try? Sometimes you have to let other people shop for you to be pleasantly surprised.

Rebecca Minkoff MAC Bag

Rebecca Minkoff MAC Bag

Dorothy Perkins tee / Uniqlo UV shirt / Witchery skinny pants / Ecco boots / Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag

I’m not one of those girls who spends a lot of money on bags and shoes in a whim, so when I decided to buy the Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag last week from Shopbop, I did it after it’d been sitting in my wish list for weeks. This bag comes in many colors and patterns, but I find this one striking without being too flashy. See how it dresses up a simple black and white outfit?