Power of Two

V is spending Easter weekend with business clients in Vietnam. A long weekend without V is sooo boring! I didn’t know what to do today, so I ended up DISINFECTING MY BATHROOM SHELVES, DOING SOME MISCELLANEOUS LAUNDRY, i.e. WASHING THE FOLLOWING: MY DAD’S DIRTY CLOTHINGS WHICH HE LEFT SO CONVENIENTLY BEHIND (He flew back to Jakarta yesterday), SOME CLOTH POUCHES AND SHOE BAGS I GOT FOR FREE AND PLAN TO USE WHILE TRAVELLING, AND THROWING OUT SOME OLD UNUSED TANKS AND TEES. I wrote all that in uppercase to indicate that they should be expressed in an OMIGOD-I-CAN’T-BELIEVE-THIS sort of way.

Friday wasn’t so bad, because my dad was in Singapore and we had tickets to see Libera in the evening. It was like dying and going to heaven. They really do look and sound like a choir of angels. I got an autographed CD for V too, to make up for the fact that he couldn’t be there in person. I never thought my first time getting an autographed CD of someone famous would involve 24 little boys! It was mind-boggling! I was fretting over whether they should sign on the CD itself, or on the cover, or on the plastic casing, and whether it would fit all 24 autographs!

Saturday was only half bad, because I spent the good part of the morning running errands and took my dad to the airport around noon. Then I went to Raffles City and did some cheer-me-up shopping. Picked up a new makeup brush, a white eyeliner, and a few casual tops. Not very wise, considering the state of my finance this month. But see, V usually reminded me of this before every purchase and he was far away. What’s a lonely girl to do?

Which brings us to Sunday, a big gaping hole of a day with nothing but a late afternoon appointment with an insurance advisor to look forward to. Which leads to all sorts of home improvement activities described at the start of this post. Which are all good and positive activities, if not slightly sad and depressing done alone on a Sunday noon. Which is why it’s a good thing V is coming back tomorrow. I can’t wait!