Perth Zoo

Considering that Perth Zoo is located very close to the city, it’s baffling that V and I didn’t get to take the ferry and go there until recently, and that was only because V wanted to give the new Canon EOS 6D a workout. Despite enjoying our walk around the zoo, we learned that animals are quite tricky to photograph, as one cannot ask them to pose, and this being the middle of winter, they were lazier than usual to get out of their cozy hiding places. V managed to get some nice shots, nevertheless, and I realized that no matter how good the zoo is, I am not an animal person at heart and after 3 continuous hours of looking at these confined creatures in the cold, windy Perth day, I couldn’t wait to go home to our warm apartment.

zoo animals 1

zoo animals 2

zoo animals 3

zoo animals 4

my outfit for the zoo

waiting for the ferry

Petite Cupcakes bib dress / Big W red beanie / Sportsgirl coat / ASOS patterned tights / Ecco boots / Sembonia leather bag